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Introduce others to the best overall value for natural products, and be rewarded!

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Top 3 Questions

1. Is this an MLM program?
No. There are no financial obligations, no selling hyped-up products or annoying others. You simply introduce them (via your code) to one of the best overall values for brand name natural products on the market. Their potential savings could be hundreds of dollars per year!

2. Will I be making money off my friends?
No. Like any other business, iHerb has a marketing budget. Instead of giving it to Google, Yahoo, or other means of advertising, we give it to you.

3. What about my personal information, or that of my friends? Is it safe?
iHerb has been in business since 1996. Neither iHerb nor iHerb Rewards has ever shared, rented, or sold any customer information to any other party. Read iHerb's Privacy Policy

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During the month of January 2014:

2,735 customers received an extra 20% off their orders

5,182 customers received their orders free of charge

And over 476 customers received $300.00 or more - Cash Back!