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iHerb Rewards Promotion Tips

Tip #1) The same email address you use to sign in to your iHerb account works just like your Rewards Code (that is, if you don't mind sharing it). Your email is easy to remember and great for referring people who may already know it.

Here are more tips and a few tools to help you:
  • Share Your Cart - Share a shopping cart full of your favorite products using only one link - your Rewards Code included.
  • Link Generator - A simple way to generate links to a special product, which includes your Rewards Code.
  • Social Media - Learn how to share your Rewards Code over Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
  • Youtube - Lights, camera...action! Promote your Rewards Code using video and earn ongoing rewards.
  • Blogs - You can do your own reviews, use custom links or even create a badge to promote your Rewards Code.
  • Email - Using email to promote your Rewards Code is an easy way to share information and earn rewards.
  • Print Material - Our ready-to-print materials make it a snap to share your Rewards Code.